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Learn more about the variable mode on the CURLIN 6000 through our “CURLIN 6000 Variable Therapy Mode Review and Best Practices” virtual training course.

Hosted by Cindy Sadler. Join us for a 30-minute course on using CURLIN 6000’s variable therapy mode. This quick course will provide you and your team with a overview of the features and benefits of using variable mode on the CURLIN 6000, along with a demonstration on how to program the therapy. Additionally, we will detail how to apply current best practice for infusing medications such as IVIg (Intravenous Immune Globulin), and discuss how to maximize patient safety and comfort.

Register Now September 5, 2024
10:00 AM Mountain Time
Who can attend? This course is open to all clinicians.
What is the cost? There is no cost associated with participating in this course.
How long is the course? Each course lasts roughly 30 minutes, depending on the question and answer period.

Cindy Sadler, RN

Sr. Clinical Services Specialist

Cindy Sadler RN is a clinical specialist with Moog Medical. Cindy joined Moog Medical in 2013. Prior to joining Moog she worked as an Emergency Dept. nurse, Emergency Dept. Director and Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Director. She has found great satisfaction in serving all end users of our Moog Medical products.