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Moog Medical recently released a letter informing customers of a change to our existing CURLIN administration sets. Specifically, a new 1.2 micron filter will be replacing the existing 1.2 micron filter. This new filter is sourced from the same current filter supplier. This new filter is available in higher quantities, and will result in broader availability.

The function of this new filter does not change in any way from the current 1.2 micron filter found on filtered CURLIN administration sets. There are no changes from current practices that are required to prepare the administration set and provide the infusion.

The only difference with the new filter is its physical geometry. See the images below for comparison.

(Left) Current 1.2 micron filter to be replaced – (Right) New 1.2 micron filter

Please read the full customer letter here for additional information. If you have questions regarding this new filter, please contact your local CURLIN Territory Manager or Moog customer service at 800-970-2337.