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Advancing the Delivery
of Infusion Therapy

For over 20 years, Moog Medical has been designing industry-leading infusion pumps. Our infusion expertise and collaboration with customers and patients benefit healthcare delivery and enhance caregiver and patient outcomes.


A portable and reliable multi-therapy infusion pump used for continuous, PCA, TPN, intermittent, and variable infusions in home and alternate site settings. A full line of administration sets and accessories are available. Learn about the CURLIN 6000 »

CURLIN Painsmart

A line of portable and easy-to-use infusion pumps uniquely designed to deliver PCA, PCEA, and epidural infusions in acute, alternate, and home settings. A full line of administration sets and accessories are available. Learn more about the CURLIN PainSmart »

CURLIN Drug Software

The Protocol Library Safety System (PLSS) offers an additional level of safety, control, and compliance for your infusion program. Learn more about PLSS »

Infusion Learning Resources

Visit the Infusion Therapy Resource Center to learn more about the various resources that are available for use with CURLIN infusion systems.

  • Watch training and in-service videos
  • Find troubleshooting and alarm information
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Download manuals, guides, case studies
  • Read the latest infusion news and insights

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Patient Center

Learn more about infusion therapy from a patient’s perspective. Find videos, patient guides, frequently asked questions, and more.
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Why Your Choice of Infusion Pump Matters to Patient Outcomes

Understanding How Different Infusion Pump Technologies Impact Flow Accuracy, Resolution, and Continuity

A recently published whitepaper describes how different infusion pump technologies operate, and why Resolution and Continuity of Flow are important factors when choosing an infusion pump. If you are interested in learning more, please click the button below.

Stay up-to-date on the latest news & insights

Preparing a patient for home parenteral nutrition (HPN)

Preparing a patient for home parenteral nutrition (HPN)

The goal of beginning a patient on parenteral nutrition (PN) is always to support optimal nutritional care. Additional considerations, such as ensuring the best possible quality of life, often come into play when home parenteral nutrition (HPN) is initiated. If a ...
TPN and Quality of Life

TPN and Quality of Life

​Parenteral nutrition (PN) has been used to help patients with intestinal failure receive appropriate nutrition for over four decades. During that time, many advances in medical knowledge and technology have significantly increased the number of patients using PN ...
24x7 Clinical Support

Industry-leading clinical and customer support options right at your fingertips.

From 24 hour per day clinical support, to live stream training, self-paced e-Learning, and onsite education in your facility; our clinical and customer support teams offer the most comprehensive technical training and support in the industry. Call us at 1.800.970.2337 or click the button below for assistance. You can also find online support with our training videos, troubleshooting, FAQs, and download library.