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Moog recently published a whitepaper that helps readers understand various transition techniques and best practices to aid in the transition from legacy enteral feeding tubes to ENFit® enteral feeding tubes.

The whitepaper, which is titled “Making Connections: Practical transition techniques from Legacy to ENFit enteral feeding tubes” was co-written by Moog’s Cara Larimer, RD, CNSC, and Cynthia Reddick, RD, CNSC.

The whitepaper provides a brief introduction to ENfit enteral connectors, practical guidance for clinicians, and then describes best practices for transitioning from the different types of legacy enteral feeding tubes to the ENFit feeding tubes.

“Conversion to this global safety standard requires collaboration between clinicians and colleagues and a team approach that includes practical resources to guide clinicians in a successful conversion to ENFit.”

The full whitepaper can be downloaded from the moogmedical.com website.

Cara Larimer, RD, CNSC
Director of Clinical Development - Enteral