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Several methods of administering infusions in the home are available. These options can include syringe (IV push), gravity, elastomeric devices, and electronic/ambulatory pumps. Clinical teams must consider a variety of factors when determining which method of infusion administration should be used to treat a given patient. The type of infusion, frequency of infusion, rate / dose requirements, drug stability, patient safety, patient lifestyle, and even patient preference can impact which method is optimal for each infusion.

Understanding the often subtle differences, strengths, and weaknesses between each method helps ensure an optimal solution is provided to the patient.

This infographic was created to help clinical teams consider questions to ask in order to strike the right balance between the benefits and the drawbacks associated with each method of infusion administration. Click on the image below to view and/or download the infographic.

Vanessa Sumner RN, MSN
Clinical Training Specialist