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“Listening to the podcast feels like TALKING TO A FRIEND who completely understands & validates my emotions, without having to feel drained by talking about my experiences.” – Rebekah

Parents and families who provide care to children with rare medical conditions can often feel overwhelmed with the situation, and isolated from others. The Rare Life podcast was created to help give a voice of support and understanding to those dealing with these complex medical conditions.

Episodes of the podcast feature parent-guests and professionals. The podcast was created by host and parent Madeline Cheney.

This is what Madeline said about her experience and why she started the podcast: “I am the creator and host of The Rare Life, a podcast about parenting children with rare medical conditions. My son Kimball and my journey since his arrival inspired the show. Episodes consist of my experiences in parenting a child with disabilities, parent guests sharing their stories, and education provided by professionals.”

As we strive to live by our motto of “Enhancing Healthcare, Enriching Lives,” Moog is proud to be a sponsor of the podcast.

You can find it on Spotify, podcasting apps, or on the website at therarelifepodcast.com.