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We often read about accuracy in medical pumps, especially in enteral feeding pumps, but we usually don’t stop to understand what accuracy actually means, and how external factors can impact a pump’s ability to accurately delivery formula.

The Infinity pump maintains ± 5% accuracy at any flow rate and when operated in any orientation. This means that at the end of a feed, the Infinity pump should have delivered the original programmed dose volume within plus or minus 5%.

However, there are external factors that can sometimes affect a pump’s ability to accurately deliver formula. Things like where the pump is placed in relation to the feeding bag, thickness of the formula being delivered, or even how long the feeding bag tubing has been used.

Moog has created this infographic to provide information to better understand accuracy with Infinity pumps. It also provides some tips to ensure optimal accuracy and gives insight as to what happens when a feeding is finished from a pump perspective. This can help patients or caregivers understand why an alarm may sound and troubleshoot the situation more easily.

The infographic can be downloaded by clicking the image below.