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From hospital care to anywhere.
The feeding pumps for living.

For over 15 years, Infinity Enteral Feeding Pumps by Moog have enabled both pediatric and adult tube fed patients to follow prescribed feeding regimens and recommended activity in the hospital and at home. Powerful enough to use in the hospital, and lightweight enough for patients to wear at home or on the go, Infinity pumps deliver personalized nutrition anytime, anywhere.


The first and only truly 100% mobile nutrition delivery system enables patients of all ages to adhere to recommended feeding schedules. Learn more »

Infinity Orange

An enteral-only feeding system optimized for small-volume feedings; accurate enough to use in the hospital, yet portable enough to be used at home. Learn more »

Delivery Sets

Infinity delivery sets are not manufactured with DEHP or natural rubber latex and include a patented in-line occluder for free-flow protection. Learn more »


A full line of accessories are available for both hospital and home use, including a variety of carry packs designed for use with the Infinity Pump. Learn more »

Learning Resources

Visit the enteral Resource Center to learn more about the resources available for use with the Infinity Pump. Watch training videos, find troubleshooting and alarm information, find answers to frequently asked questions, download manuals, guides, and case studies, and read the latest enteral news and insights. Learn more »

Patient Center

Visit our Patient Center to learn more about enteral feeding from a patient’s perspective. Explore many of the resources that are available to help you get more familiar with enteral feeding, and even connect with other enteral feeding patients. Learn more »

ENFit Information

ENFIt is a global initiative that was developed to reduce the likelihood of enteral misconnections. Visit our ENFit resources page to learn more about the upcoming industry-wide transition to the ENFit connector. Learn more »

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Feeding Blenderized Food with Enteral Feeding Pumps

Feeding Blenderized Food with Enteral Feeding Pumps

The availability of high-quality commercially blenderized food has provided a variety of nutrition options previously unavailable to tube-fed patients. However, these food-based formulas can sometimes impact enteral pump performance. With just a little planning, ...
Understanding the ENFit Enteral Feeding Connector

Understanding the ENFit Enteral Feeding Connector

ENFit is a worldwide initiative to make all enteral feeding devices specific to tube feeding. All enteral feeding products with a connector will be changed to include the ENFit connector. This includes syringes, gravity sets, pump sets, extension sets, and even ...
What is the Difference Between Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition?

What is the Difference Between Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition?

All people need food and nutrition in order to survive. Sometimes, due to illness, surgery, or other reasons, individuals are unable to get the nutrition their bodies require. It then becomes necessary for these individuals to receive nutrition through alternative ...
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