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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if I have questions about the pump?

Whenever you have questions about the pump or your therapy, you should first call your healthcare pharmacy provider. For PUMP only related questions, Moog’s Technical Support Line is found on the back of the pump and available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Toll Free 1-800.970.2337

Q: Where can I order a pump or supplies?

Contact your healthcare pharmacy provider for all supply needs. Use only CURLIN Infusion administration sets in your CURLIN ambulatory infusion pump.

Q: How do I load the administration set?

Refer to the Patient Guide or the Instructions for Use inside the set package. Patient training videos and other helpful information is located at our Infusion Patient Center.

Q: What do I do if the pump gets dropped, damaged or the door won’t open properly?

Visually inspect the pump, pumping chamber and administration set before use. Do not use any pump or administration set that appears to be damaged or tampered with or if there is any indication of improper function. Contact your healthcare pharmacy provider for a pump exchange.

Q: How do I know the pump is running my therapy?

If the pump is infusing medication, you will see a flashing green LED light next to the words RUN, on the front of the pump below the display screen. It will flash once every three seconds when a therapy is in progress.

Q: What do the words UNIDENTIFIED mean on the display screen?

“Unidentified” is a place holder where the drug name would be displayed if the program had been chosen from a drug library. If you are seeing UNIDENTIFIED, there is no drug library loaded on the pump.

Q: How do I move around with the pump?

CURLIN Infusion Pumps have a carry pack specifically designed to allow you to be mobile and active while receiving your therapy. Your healthcare provider will demonstrate how to use the carry pack. The air from the medication bag must be removed prior to connecting to the patient and using in a backpack. Consult with your healthcare provider for steps removing air if not done prior to use.

Q: Where do I leave the pump when I want to sleep?

Place the pump at your bedside or next to you on the bed. Your clinician may have special instructions for bedtime use of the pump.

Q: How do I bathe or shower during my therapy?

The pump is water resistant, but not waterproof, so it should be placed outside your tub or shower. Discuss with your clinician best methods for bathing while being on therapy.

Q: Can I travel with the pump on a plane?

Yes. On the Download page, we have supplied a customer letter that can be provided to the airline company when travelling. Download the commercial air travel letter here.

Q: Can I take the pump into a CT Scan or MRI?

No. Neither the pump nor the administration set can be placed in the MRI room as both have metal.

Q: Can I take the pump into a Hyperbaric Chamber?

No, it is not recommended the patient have the pump with them in the chamber.  The pump’s keys may be sensitive to the pressure and inadvertently depress.

Q: How do I exit the help screen?

When the pump is paused and the help/option key is pressed, a help message will appear. Press the help/options key again to exit the help screen.

Q: How do I access the Bolus feature?

Your pharmacy should provide a remote bolus cable accessory. It plugs into the port on the side of the pump.

If the bolus cable is not available, a bolus can also be delivered by pressing the green BOLUS key located on the front of the pump, at the bottom right side.

Q: How do I know if I received a bolus?

After requesting a bolus, you will hear two beeps if it is within the time interval ordered by the physician and programmed in the pump. One beep means you have requested the bolus too early. Contact your provider for further support managing this therapy.

Q: How do I remove the AC Adapter/Charger, the Bolus Cable

Pull on the ring (blue for the AC Adapter/Charger, green for the Bolus Cable) and the cord will be released from the pump.

Q: Approximately how long will new batteries last?

Battery life depends on the usage. The following times are approximate only:

  • Nominal 85 hours at a rate of 2 ml/hr
  • Nominal 30 hours at a rate of 125 ml/hr
  • Nominal 10 hours at a rate of 400 ml/hr

However, if the patient is frequently pressing keys, that action will illuminate the display and the battery life will be shortened. To extend battery life, the AC Adapter may be used at night.

Q: How can I determine how much battery power is remaining in the pump?
  • Read the power bar graph when you first turn on the pump. This is an approximation of the power remaining in the C-cell batteries
  • Use the options menu and select PWR CK to view the power bar graph while the pump is running.

WARNING: In a life sustaining situation it is recommended that your CURLIN Infusion pump use the AC Adapter and have a back-up pump available. In addition to the batteries that are installed in the pumps, an extra set of C-cell batteries should be readily accessible.

Q: Are the C-cell batteries in the pump rechargeable?

No. However, a rechargeable external battery pack and an Adapter/charger are available for use with the pump.

Q: Can I change the batteries while the pump is running?

Before changing the batteries, you must PAUSE and POWER OFF the pump to avoid a software error occurring.

Q: Where does the External Battery Pack or AC Adapter/Charger (with a blue ring) plug into the pump?

The port on the bottom of the pump is for the External Battery Pack and/or AC Adapter.

Q: How long should the External Battery Pack be charged prior to use?

The External Battery Pack should be charged initially for 24 hours using the AC Adapter/Charger.

Q: Does the subsequent charging time for the External Battery Pack need to be as long as the initial charge period?

It is recommended that the External Battery Pack be charged for at least 8 hours prior to each subsequent use. The AC Adapter/Charger can be plugged into the External Battery Pack while the External Battery Pack is plugged into the pump. This allows the pump to be fully operational and provides a continuous charge to the External Battery Pack.

Q: How can I clean my pump if it gets dirty?

Clean the pump, remote bolus cord, AC adapter, and battery pack with a soft, clean cloth dampened in any of the following:

  1. Warm soapy water (do not submerse)
  2. Isopropyl alcohol
  3. Household bleach, diluted 9:1 with water
  4. Commercial disinfectant
  5. When clean, dry pump and other items with a soft, clean, dry cloth.

Remove A/C power cord from power source prior to cleaning. NEVER submerge pump in water!

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