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Patients and caregivers often ask if CURLIN Ambulatory Infusion Pumps can be used during air travel. Moog has released a customer letter outlining consideration when travelling with a CURLIN pump. A summary of the letter is posted below. The full letter can be downloaded and printed by clicking here.

Commercial Airline Travel with CURLIN Ambulatory Pumps

Use of the CURLIN Ambulatory Pump is allowed and will not be adversely affected when traveling on commercial airlines. Please note the following considerations when traveling:

  • Obtain a physician note prior to traveling if the CURLIN Ambulatory Pump is clinically required.
  • When going through security, notify security personnel that you are traveling with a medical device. The pump can be x-rayed for the purpose of screening without adversely affecting the pump.
  • The CURLIN Ambulatory Pump can be used in a pressurized airline cabin. Moog does not recommend use in non-pressurized cabins.
  • The CURLIN Ambulatory pump will radiate electronic frequencies that are similar to a computer. It is possible that the airline crew could request the infusion pump be turned off during take-off and landing. If the patient’s healthcare provider determines it is clinically unacceptable to interrupt the infusion during these travel segments, the patient / caregiver should have a signed letter from their physician.
  • The patient should not experience any nuisance alarms during take-off or landing of the aircraft.

Please contact Moog Customer Service at 1-800-970-2337 if there are further questions regarding this issue.