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For over 15 years, Infinity Enteral Feeding Pumps have been used by both pediatric and adult tube fed patients to follow prescribed feeding regimens and to stay as active and mobile as possible. Now with a new software update, Infinity pumps are more convenient and efficient than ever.

Both Infinity and Infinity Orange pumps now feature an auto prime function that provides quick and easy priming of the feeding tube. With the touch of a button, the Infinity can completely prime the tube and prepare it for feeding.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Infinity’s auto prime feature.

How to determine if your pump has the auto prime feature:

To use the auto prime feature, your Infinity or Infinity Orange pump must be updated with the most recent software updates. The latest software is applied to all new Infinity pumps manufactured after October 10, 2022 and on all Infinity Orange pumps manufactured after October 28, 2022. All pumps that are returned for maintenance or service after October, 28 will also receive the software update.

To determine if your pump has these software updates installed, look at the label on the back of the pump. If you see the text “** Now with Auto Prime**” in the upper left corner (see image below), then your pump has been updated with the latest software.

You can also determine if your pump has the software update installed by looking at the software revision number which is displayed on start up. Infinity pumps with software version R4.02 or higher are equipped with auto prime, and Infinity Orange pumps with software version N4.02 or higher are equipped with auto prime.


Using the auto prime feature:

To use the auto prime feature, first go to the User Preference Settings and change the AUTO PRIM feature to “ON” (default option is set to OFF). View the Infinity Operator’s Manual to learn more about updating User Preference Settings.

Then, to use the auto prime feature during a feeding, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the tubing is disconnected from the patient.
  2. Press and hold the PRIME key for 1.5 seconds
  3. Alarm will sound once and the pump will begin priming the set at an approximate rate of 700ml/hr.
  4. The display will read TO STOP PUSH PRIM
  5. Once auto priming is completed, the pump will stop and an alarm will sound.
  6. The display will revert to the last programmed rate, and the pump will be in pause mode.

You can remove any additional air remaining in the tubing by pressing and holding the PRIME key for 1.5 seconds. The pump will then begin to reinitiate auto prime. When formula reaches the end of the tubing, press the PRIME button again to stop the pump.

To find out more about the new auto prime feature, home care equipment providers should contact your Moog Territory Sales Manager or customer service. Moog customer service is available by phone at 800-970-2337 or by visiting https://www.moogmedical.com/contact/. 

Patients or caregivers looking for additional information the auto prime feature should contact their home care equipment provider.


For more information:

The following infographic has been created to help learn more about Infinity’s new auto prime feature. This infographic shows how to determine if a pump has the auto prime feature, how to enable the auto prime feature, and how to use the auto prime feature.