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The Super-Mini Backpack is designed to give even small children the freedom to move with minimal restrictions. But due to its small size, it can sometimes be challenging to get the pump, delivery set, and tubing securely packed into such a small pack.

We’ve put these simple instructions together to help readers understand an easy method to get your Infinity pump safely packed away in the Super-Mini Backpack.

Note: If you are manually priming the delivery set, do this before putting the delivery set into the backpack.

Step 1: Open the Super-Mini Backpack wide and unzip all the zippers.

Step 2: Place the filled Infinity delivery set into the backpack and secure the neck with the Velcro straps.

Step 3: Feed the cassette through the opening into the front pocket and feed the downstream tubing through the exit port on the bottom side of the backpack.

Step 4: Load the cassette into the Infinity pump and close the pump door.

Step 5: Securely place the pump into the Velcro “cradle.” The Velcro cradle supports the pump around the back, and a strap runs across the front of the pump to keep it in place. The other Velcro straps inside the backpack can be used to secure any excess tubing

Step 6: Ensure the delivery set sits behind the pump and close all zippers. The front pocket can be opened to access the pump buttons and screen. At this point the pump is ready for use.

The Super-Mini Backpack can be used with both the Infinity and Infinity Orange enteral feeding pumps.  Along with the pump, the backpack can hold either the 500 mL or 100 mL delivery set in the compartment.

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