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The CURLIN 6000 Ambulatory Infusion Pump by Moog is uniquely designed to bring home healthcare clinicians and pharmacists more precise, accurate, and efficient infusion. With multi-therapy delivery options, a compact size, and built-in safety protocols, the CURLIN 6000 Pump is ideal for the growing home infusion therapy market.

Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump

When precision and accuracy matter most.

The patented curvilinear peristaltic design of the CURLIN 6000 delivers fluid in smaller, more accurate increments than standard linear peristaltic infusion pumps (Resolution of Flow) with more precise and steady fluid delivery throughout the entire infusion duration (Continuity of Flow).

Resolution of Flow and Continuity of Flow impact how medication is delivered to patients. Understanding these attributes is essential when administering infusions to sensitive patient populations, and when infusing short half-life drugs or other drugs delivered at a low infusion rate.  This video illustrates how infusion pumps deliver fluid, and why Resolution and Continuity of Flow matter to patient outcomes.

Multiple Therapies. One Device.

From delivering antibiotics and nutrition to highly specialized oncology medications, the CURLIN 6000 meets the majority of infusion delivery profiles through its five therapy options.

Continuous Therapy


Delivers a constant programmed rate of infusion

Intermittent Therapy


Delivers the infusion therapy in programmed intervals and at rates of specified amounts of infusates.

Variable Therapy


Provides 24 specified programs of varying amounts, rates, and times of delivery.

TPN Therapy

Total Parenteral Nutrition

Designed to allow a level rate of infusion of parenteral nutritional with the option of tapering at the beginning and/or end of the infusion. Learn more »

PCA Therapy

Patient Controlled Analgesia

Designed for therapies requiring a continuous rate of infusion, patient controlled demand boluses, or both.

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An Innovative Multi-Therapy Infusion Device in a Small, Portable Package.


Flexible: Multiple therapy flexibility provides the ability to meet specific workflow needs. Access to actionable reports and detailed infusion information enhances device performance.

Easy-to-Use: Programming simplicity matched with menu-driven protocols and context sensitive HELP screens result in an extremely easy-to-use infusion device.

Safe: In addition to its reliable performance and built-in safety features, the CURLIN 6000 can be used with the Protocol Library Safety System (PLSS), providing the ability to upload pre-validated drug protocols or patient prescriptions, and eliminating the risk of unintended infusion.

Reduces Total Cost: The simplicity of operation, reliable technology, low administration PVC set costs, and availability of extensive training options may effectively reduce your total cost of pump ownership. Learn more about determining your total cost of pump ownership.

CURLIN 6000 - Door open

Enhance safety and control with the Protocol Library Safety System™

CURLIN’s Protocol Library Safety System™ (PLSS) is designed to shorten programming time and reduce opportunity for user error. PLSS allows you to create patient-specific protocols, or develop a drug library for all your patients. Learn more about how PLSS can enhance safety and reduce opportunity for error in your facility. »


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CURLIN 6000 technical specifications

Mechanism: Curvilinear peristaltic pump action
Therapies Supported: Continuous, PCA, TPN, Intermittent, Variable
Size: 5.1” (13 cm) x 4.0” (10.2 cm) x 2.5” (6.4 cm)
18.1 ounces (513 grams)
Display: 2.5” (6.3 cm) x 1.2” (3.1 cm) Continuous backlit with AC
Accuracy: +/- 5%*
Flow Rates: 0.1 – 400 mL/hr, increments of 0.1 mL/hr
Flow Rates (PCA):** 0.1 – 50 mL/hr IV, 25 mL/hr EPI, 5 mL/hr SQ Max
Volume Limits: 1.0 – 9,999 mL, increments of 0.1 mL
KVO Rates: 0.0 – 10 mL/hr (not available in PCA mode)
Units: mL, mg, mcg
Bolus Volume: 0.1 – 9.9 mL
Max # of Boluses: 15/hr
Patient Bolus: 0.1 – 9.9 mL/dose IV, 0.1 – 25 mL/dose EPI, 0.1 – 5 mL/dose SQ
Bolus Lockout: 1 – 60 minutes, increments of 1 minute
Power Sources: 2 “C” alkaline batteries, AC,
external rechargeable battery pack

* If used with syringes, this accuracy may vary due to the physical properties of the syringe used
** PLSS is required to achieve IV flow rates greater than 9.9 mL/hr

Additional information

Order No: 360-1400P
Operating Time:
(with fully charged batteries)
  • Nominal 10 hrs. at 400 mL/hr
  • 4 Nominal 30 hrs. at 125 mL/hr
  • 4 Nominal 85 hrs. at 2 mL/hr
Alarms: Air-in-line, high upstream pressure, occlusion upstream, occlusion downstream, door open, set not installed, unattended pump, replace set, empty battery
Adjustable Alarm Volume: 1 – 9 with 9 being the loudest
Data Log: 6,000 events, including line pressure, volume infused, time
Additional Features: Real-time line pressure, shift totals, on-screen hourly totals, highly visible large fonts, quick repeat feature, continuous back-light-on with AC power, titration in continuous and PCA modes, unused therapies can be locked out, four (4) access levels for security, on-line & context sensitive help screens, data interface port, printable history log
Security: Unused therapies can be blocked out, four access levels, different lock box sizes
Software: Protocol Library: multiple categories and potential for over 100 protocols
Administration Sets: DEHP-free set configurations, needleless injection sites, 0.22 and 1.2 micron filtered sets, yellow-striped epidural sets, sets with 150 mL integral fluid containers
Accessories: Bolus cord, pole clamp, and external rechargeable battery pack
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